Microwave Catalytic Reforming

Reforming done right for small scale

Nu:ionic's microwave technology is reforming done right for small scale. By utilizing electricity to power the reforming reaction, our highly efficient microwave reformer eliminates the need for fuel combustion, significantly reducing the amount of feedstock required to produce hydrogen.

Using electrons to eliminate emissions

Nu:ionic's reforming technology eliminates the  emissions and process complexity of fired heating, replacing it with highly efficient targeting heating utilizing industrial microwave. 

For steam methane reforming, this reduces natural gas feedstock requirement by 25-30%.

Furthermore, utilizing electricity in our low temperature reactor reduces capital cost and allows 100% CO2 capture using commercially available technologies. 

Microwave Catalytic Reforming

Sensible Integration

Nu:ionic has solved key challenges associated with utilizing microwave energy in gas conversion processes.  Our design offer highly efficient coupling, high temperature and pressure capability as well as reliable temperature control.

Microwave allows precise, targeted heating, allowing energy to be provided exactly where it is needed - directly to the catalyst bed.  This results in higher efficiency and more compact equipment.

Nu:ionic makes use of off-the-shelf industrial microwave components for efficient and reliable microwave generation.