Low Carbon Hydrogen
For A Cleaner Future

Pathway to a Clean Future

We can leave behind a better tomorrow - by displacing conventional fuels with clean hydrogen.  Now, with Nu:ionic's technology, tomorrow will be here a little sooner, with cost-effective on-site production of hydrogen which can be used as low carbon industrial feedstock or as fuel in zero emission vehicles.

Nu:ionic offers a unique microwave process for reforming conventional energy sources into clean hydrogen by utilizing electricity as a feedstock.  Efficient, with minimal emissions and 100% carbon capture ready.  Distributed, low cost and highly efficient, these modular systems finally offer an alternative to conventional steam methane reforming or electrolysis for producing hydrogen.    

The Nu:ionic systems are highly efficient and GHG capture ready and eliminate the need for complex and expensive hydrogen distribution infrastructure. 

Looking for an alternative to delivered gas?  Nu:ionic's systems are a lower cost solution that requires only one third of the equipment footprint and eliminate the need to accommodate delivery trucks.

On-Site Hydrogen

Low Cost and Distributed Hydrogen